Club Ride Routes

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Blue Egg

Distance 85.64km | Elevation 624m

Down North Hill

Distance 70.87km | Elevation 468m


Distance 81.13kmkm | Elevation 554m

Maglia Rosso Stadium

Distance 91.44km | Elevation 778m

Suffolk Food Hall

Distance 63.69km | Elevation 430m

Monks Eleigh 1

Distance 66.72km | Elevation 486m

Suffolk Water Park

Distance 68.92km | Elevation 468m

Greenstead Green

Distance 66.48km | Elevation 493m

Flatford Mill from Stadium MK2

Distance 70.98km | Elevation 453m


Distance 65.94km | Elevation 372m

Waterside Cafe Lt Braxted MK3

Distance 72.67km | Elevation 428m

North Hill

Distance 66.91km | Elevation 446m