Emergency Contact Details

Please can you make sure that the emergency contact details you have registered with British Cycling are up to date.

It is your responsibility to keep these and all your other personal information lodged with BC up to date.

ALL riders, whether social, Saturday, Sunday, Chain Gangs, MTB Rides, Northern Gateway sessions etc.


This will help your club mates support you in the event of an accident/incident.

Your Rovers membership card has a space for an emergency contact number, and your phone will display a number without being unlocked, but this needs to be arranged by you in advance.

Previous incidents have made it clear that this must be mandatory for all riders on our club rides.

Most people tend to password-protect their phone to prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. But that means creating an ICE number in your contacts won’t do you any good, because the person with your phone would have to know how to unlock it to find that information. A police officer who needs to contact a family member or an A&E department who needs to know your blood type won’t be able to hack into your phone.

How to set up an iPhone (ios 14.4) emergency contact & ICE info

All iPhones come with the Health app, which, along with tracking your steps and other health data, allows you to set up a medical ID. This will display basic personal information, important medical information and emergency contact numbers when accessed from your lock screen. Additionally, your emergency contacts will be automatically contacted and updated on your current location if you make a call using the Emergency SOS feature.

Follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Open the Health app on your phone.
  2. Select the “Medical ID” tab.
  3. Select “Edit” at the top of the screen.
  4. Make sure that the “Show When Locked” slider is green.
  5. Below, fill in the various fields. If there’s a section that isn’t relevant, such as “Medical Conditions” or “Allergies & Reactions,” it’s a good idea to write “N/A” or “None” instead of leaving it blank to avoid confusion.
  6. At the bottom is the “Emergency Contacts” section; tap “add emergency contact” to create a new contact. Note that you need to have this person’s name and number saved in your phone’s contacts list for the app to pull it in.
  7. Once you’ve selected a contact, indicate their relationship to you.
  8. You can add more than one emergency contact; continue repeating steps six and seven until all your emergency contacts are added.

To test that your Medical ID contains all the information you added, lock your phone and then wake it back up to reveal the Touch ID/passcode lock screen. Tap “Emergency” in the corner to bring up the SOS keypad ― you’ll see the “Medical ID” link in the bottom left. Press this to bring up your ICE info as well as emergency numbers that can be tapped and dialled directly from that screen.

How to set up an Android (v10) emergency contact & ICE Info


  1. Open the Contacts App
  2. Tap the three dots on the top right of the screen
  3. Tap Groups
  4. This will show All Groups. The first item is ICE – emergency contacts.
  5. Search for contact members and for each contact tap the + to add that person to your Emergency contacts group.
  6. On the lock screen on the Android phone, swipe up to display the unlock screen and tap on EMERGENCY CALL.
  7. At the top, tap the + button and select the contacts, along with the specified number, that you want to be displayed along the top of the screen.
  8. The selected contacts will now be displayed and can be dialled directly.

Emergency medical information

Open the Contacts App
Your Contact list will display some sections

  1. My Profile
  2. Favourites
  3. Frequently Contacted
  4. Alphabetical list of contacts

Under My Profile

  1. Select yourself
  2. Tap Edit and complete your information.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Emergency medical info and complete that section.
  4. Look for a “View More” dropdown and complete that information too
  5. When finished, tap DONE.
  6. Then tap SAVE.
  7. On the lock screen on the Android phone, swipe up to display the unlock screen and tap on EMERGENCY CALL
  8. Tap the icon on the bottom left to display your Emergency medical information

The Simplest Solution?

As an easy solution that will work on almost any device set your lock screen wallpaper to a picture with your ICE number in one of the corners.

Thanks for your cooperation on this issue. It is important for all riders that participate in Rovers activity.