CRCC Executive Committee Meeting – April 2021

Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday 9th April, 2021
Held as “Zoom” Meeting.

1. Committee Members Present:

Paul Meadows, Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Justin Smith, Joanne Smith, David Triggs, Greg Andrews, Sandra Meadows, Stuart Thompson, Linda Thompson, John Loxley, Peter Hall, Peter Phillips and Colin White (by telephone)

2. Apologies for Absence:

Tom Starmer and James Baldwin

3. Approval of previous Minutes

Proposed: Paul Meadows
Seconded: Colin White

4. Matters Arising from previous Minutes

5. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the Treasurers report. The only change for this month was £612.04 credit for membership.

6. Membership

New members are: M Gillett, E Chatton, N Maud, A Wong, Mr Scriven, P Fisher,
S Brennan, S Little, J Thomas, N Maan. There have been a lot of renewals and the total paid membership at present stands at 251.

Nick asked Colin how the distribution of the cards was going. Colin said that from the list of membership that Nick had supplied to him the majority now have their cards. Nick asked Colin to destroy that list and he would provide him with a new list.

Nick said that he would be writing to the all committee members to ask what information they hold so that he can carry out a GDPR audit.

7. Northern Gateway

Nick has had further discussions with Northern Gateway and it has been agreed to share a session with VCR. The session will be 7pm to 8.30pm and will cost £5.00 per rider. The session will be run on Thursday evenings.

The committee talked about holding a club night on the 3rd Friday of each month. Possibly a ride first followed by the club evening. The committee voted and it was agreed to have regular club meetings at Northern Gateway. (The dates for this have now been booked).

Also, a weekly circuit session on a Thursday evening with perhaps a get together afterwards in the coffee bar.

Colin also asked if was possible to keep Boadicea Way club room for the time being until things sort themselves out. This has a cost implication and we will have to wait until we hear more with regard to COVID restrictions.

Peter raised the point of the grass track meetings and these will continue for this year at Boadicea Way.

Sandra informed the meeting that Interbike had a race booked at Northern Gateway for
2nd May, 2021.

Greg has been talking to Ian Mansel Thomas and Tofuti Active are hoping to have an
Autumn Series of races. This would include Youth and Adults. Greg has spoken to David
Hales with regard to Commissaires and David has said that he does not foresee any

Coaching Sessions for the Youth will possibly start from 8th May (we believe this has
Now been confirmed). It is hoped that we will get something for the adults also.

The sessions will be 9am – 11am on Saturday mornings.

Nick said that he is hoping to get an invitation for a taster session at Northern
Gateway sometime after the 26th April.

Nick asked if we could part fund with the youth for their sessions. The committee
Agreed to this.

Justin asked if we would consider that the new members joining this year to have
An introduction session at the track Nick said do we book a slot for this alone or
Perhaps incorporate with an existing session. This to be discussed further.

8. Youth Activity

Nick read an email from Tom with an update on the Youth Activities in particular the sessions at Hilly fields. The committee wish to thank Tom for getting this up and running and organising such successful sessions.

9. TT

John said that this is all up and running and had already received 24/25 entries for Sundays TT. John sent out information regarding handicaps etc and qualifying events. It was agreed that they must compete in at least 5 events for the club championship. For the evening 10s they must compete in 8 events. It was agreed to go with the 5 – 8 and may well revise this as the season goes on.

Nick said that he has sent out a marshalling duty list

10. Club rides

Nick said that we should have some form of risk assessment for the Club Rides. Nick informed the committee that he had some Risk assessments from other clubs and felt that we also should have them for our club rides.

Jo said that groups at present are averaging 6 – 8 and going well.

11. Club Questionnaire

This is to be re-scheduled for the next meeting.

Nick asked the committee if we should publish the results to the membership and the committee agreed unanimously.

12. Mountain Bike

The committee welcomed Peter as the co-opted Mountain Bike Secretary. Peter gave us and update on what was happening with the MBX. Peter would like to re-introduce the MBX back into the club. This would not just be racing but also social.

Nike reminded Peter that with COVID we can only have groups of 6 at present.

13. A.O.B

Peter asked when we might be able to hold the AGM. This to be an agenda item for the next meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.09pm

Date of next meeting 9th April 2021

Margaret Hargreaves
Colchester Rovers Cycling Club