Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday, 4th March, 2022
Stanway Village Hall

1. Committee Members Present:

Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Justin Smith, Colin White, Nick Rowley, Nicky Swainston, Kelly Phillips, Peter Hall, Jo Smith, Tom Starmer,
David Triggs, Sandra Meadows, Paul Meadows,

2. Apologies for Absence:

Greg Andrews and Matt Heigh

3. Approval of Previous Minutes

Proposed by Colin White
Seconded by Nicky Swainston

4. Matters Arising from previous Minutes


5. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the Treasurers report. At present the club monies stand at a very healthy £42,877.37. Funds received this month of £2980.54 which was made up of membership subs and sum up payments together with £645.17 from CycloX. Monies withdrawn £1063.55 made up of payments to NGW, Lee Valley Park and numbers/signs for Time Trials and road/circuit races.

Maggie asked Colin if he would please let her know as soon as he pays in the membership monies together with the amount.

6. Membership

Colin read out the names of the new members. Mr Mark Bramhall, Mr Sean Connolly, Mrs Annette Smith, Mr Dimitri Lera, Mr Simon Furby, Mr Mark Longstaff and Mr Nick Sunshine.

Nick (chairman) said that the membership cards would be arriving on Tuesday. Justin told the committee that the cards now can be electronically sent. David asked if BC could generate a welcome letter but Nick (Chairman) said that this was not possible. Maggie will continue to send the new members list to David. He will forward a letter to Justin who will email out the letter with electronic cards.

7. Website

This really needs to be updated in some disciplines. Kelly updated us with the social side of things and is working on a social event. We need to look at what is missing. Nick (chairman) said that we still have no press secretary. Kelly said that she would take on this role but it is essential that members feed the relevant information to her. Peter said that this had been a problem in the past and that the feedback from previous Secretaries was that they just never got the reports. Nick (chairman) said that Kelly should speak to Ian Mansel-Thomas with reference to contacts at the newspapers.

8. Jock Wadley

Malcolm gave an update on the Jock Wadley and said that all was in place. Leaflets had been distributed around the course. Emails had been sent to all riders with a copy of the program. Malcolm said that this year we have a lady rider Sophie Lewis.

9. Road/Circuit

Nick (chairman) gave an update that he had received from Greg. Greg said that he was having issues with BC but that they had now been resolved. Ian Doe had confirmed that the dates for the Centurian Races where now in the calendar. Ian also confirmed that they can cover with commissaires. Greg said that he will put the races on the system as soon as he returns from abroad. Races start in May.

Nicky said that she had secured £1000.00 from CIC as sponsorship for the Criterium Races.

10 TT

Nick (Chairman) said that he had spoken to Peter Hall and Peter has submitted dates to
The police. Nick (chairman) has done the calendar. Similar to other years but Nick said
That this year there will be a short course series which will mean a couple of extra dates
Every other Sunday on the Langham course. There are a lot of dates on the calendar and
Everyone who rides must volunteer to do 3 events time keeping/marshalling during the
Season. Riders will be allowed their average points score for any rounds where they
Volunteer to help run the event. Nick (chairman) said that if riders do not come
Forward it is possible that rounds will be cancelled due to lack of volunteers.

A proposal from Matt a revised E47 course (which was distributed to committee prior to
The meeting). The committee agreed that this was acceptable and Nick (chairman) would
Ask Matt to take this on board. Peter said the open 47 and 50 are in the calendar.
Nicky asked if we could make sure that the farmers are made aware prior to the
Langham TTs with a letter stating the start and finish times.

Kelly gave a thank you to Nick (chairman) and Peter for organizing the calendar.

Nick (chairman) suggested that this year we separate the evening races from the
Championship, events.

11 Reliability Ride

Nick (Rowley) has put this on social media. We now need to get the online shop open.
Nick (chairman) said that it is sorted and will probably be open after the Celebration
Night. Nicky will sort the kitchen. Paul did get things sorted with NGW and we do have
The track from 9 – 10am. Jo said thank you for the sponsorship. Jo asked if we can get
Some Riders to ride alongside the “Wheels For All” on the day. Stolen Goat are
Supporting “Wheels For All” and Jo is going to try and get them to come down on the day.

12. A.O.B.

Nicky said that they have 79 attending for the celebration night and 30 riders on the
Rollers. Rollapulza will be presenting medals. It is a 7pm start and dress is smart casual.

Maggie raised the point of succession management. We need to be looking forward
And planning a future for the club and where members would be willing to stand for
Committee post.

Tom said that perhaps we should be inviting the membership to the committee meetings.
Perhaps 2 members per month to be invited to the meeting to see what the committee
Is all about.

Malcolm commented on the work that Nick (chairman) does and how hard he works for
The Club. We must have a plan for succession management in place.

Tom said that he had received an email about Andrew Hopper and that he had been
Nominated as a BC Regional Volunteer of the Year. Nicky confirmed that she had
Nominated Andrew together with all youth coaches and volunteers as the BC Regional
Volunteer of the Year.

The meeting closed at 9pm

Date of next meeting Friday 1st April.

Margaret Hargreaves