British Cycling Membership

I am a member of a cycling club. Do I also need British Cycling membership?

It is important for club members to also be members of British Cycling.

Without British Cycling membership, you may not have liability insurance to take part in club activities. British Cycling membership gives you year-round peace-of-mind, liability insurance and legal cover, plus, great discounts, priority tickets to top events and loads of regular expert advice from the people behind the Great Britain Cycling Team.

Introductory Adult membership discount for Rovers members

Colchester Rovers affiliation to British Cycling can get our members up to £24 off membership when they join British Cycling for the first time.

This offer is only open to people who have not previously been members of British Cycling and are current members of a British Cycling affiliated club or team.

Simply use the promotion codes available on this link when you join British Cycling for the first time. You will get the introductory discount on the payment page when you join online.

Youth & Junior Membership Discount

Young people can join British Cycling for less. Young Rovers members are also able to benefit from our affiliation to British Cycling.

Membership to British Cycling is free or discounted for the first year.

Membership includes all of the benefits of adult membership, such as a race licence, retail discounts and liability insurance, so that your child can get the most from their cycling.

BC Members aged under 16 will also receive an additional membership pack

Full details on how to claim the discounted Youth & Junior membership are available on this link