Club Rides

Club rides take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings. These rides are organised on a week by week basis, details will be published on Facebook towards the end of the week.

The club welcomes older youth riders participating in our club runs and training rides if membership and parental consent are in place beforehand. U16s will need to be in the company of a parent or guardian unless specific permission has been sought ahead of riding from the Club Chairman. Youth riders should bear in mind the required average pace and duration of the ride and be comfortable in achieving these before participating.

Saturday Rides

Rovers Saturday rides are very popular and run from either The Community Stadium or Costa Coffee Tollgate West throughout the year (weather permitting). There are typically 4-5 groups of 8 or so riders with all groups riding the same 40-55 mile route with a cafe stop.

The “faster” group(s) will typically average 19-20+ mph.

The “medium” group(s) will typically average 17-18 mph.

The “slower” group(s) will average 16 mph.

Sunday Rides

Sundays generally see two rides with differing routes but sometimes the same cafe stop:

The “Medium” group is a 45-55 mile social ride, and as such; is non drop. The ride typically averages 15 – 17 mph. Although the speed will be adjusted to suit those who turn up. If numbers allow we sometimes split into a couple of groups to release a faster group.

The “Sunday Posse” ride is an entry ride for those that are not as competitive as others or just trying to get back to fitness after injury or illness and just want to socialize. 30 miles or so at a comfortable pace plus a cafe stop. Speed is not important.

Club Ride Etiquette

All riders attending Colchester Rovers Club Rides must carry Emergency contact details / ID. This is to allow your club mates to help YOU in the event of an accident or illness.

Further details on our Emergency / ID policy can be found here:


Please note: Mudguards are compulsory on club rides from the 1st November to the end of February and are advised at any time the conditions are wet.

Club rides are not official events. Always remember the Highway Code, rules, regulations and laws of the road apply. You’re responsible for your safety and those around you and are expected to be self-sufficient, with suitable clothing, drinks and food, your bike in roadworthy condition and carry spares to get you home. We ask that you wear a helmet for your own safety and wellbeing.

Safety and Risk Management

Consider your own insurance needs. In particular, ensure that you have Third Party (Public Liability) insurance that covers you whilst cycling. You should consider joining either the Cycling UK or British Cycling – membership includes both Third Party insurance and free legal assistance should you need to claim against someone else.

Upcoming club rides

There are no upcoming events.