So what does Colchester Rovers have to offer?

There’s no denying that there is a lot of pleasure to be found in riding alone around the North Essex Lanes or with a few friends on quiet roads – in fact, it’s how most cyclists start out and how most clubs have been formed. So why do we exist and what do we offer?

A sense of involvement – If you join Colchester Rovers, you become part of a club with history. You will experience being part of real local cycling culture. The club has been running for over 125 years. Riding with us will be fun, whether pounding out the miles in preparation for a challenge event, preparing for races, or just a summer evening ride with a stop at a country pub. We have plenty of volunteering opportunities for those who like to contribute to the club’s activities and the local cycling community. As a good all-round community club, we are inclusive of all abilities and have a membership made up from a wide cross-section of backgrounds.

To gain more cycling knowledge – None of us can know it all – fellow Rovers members will become a wealth of information on topics like where to ride, how to train or maybe even how to enter your first race. Often, cyclists that have been riding the same roads for years, find a new favourite route when they ride out with a new club. You will improve your technique for sportives or racing – drafting, through and off’, climbing, improve your fitness riding with a group of club mates and pushing yourself. Probably the best reason to join us is to find out what is activities and events are happening in the North Essex area.

To meet new friends – Don’t underestimate the social aspect, the miles will fly by quicker when you are in a group, you get to visit cafes you didn’t know existed, you can chat about cycling, lycra and leg shaving and not get weird looks. We try to offer opportunities to meet up off the bike socially – often that’s when you really get to know other members – and even properly recognise them when they are out of their cycling gear.

Compare your Riding Level – You will be able to see how you measure up against experienced riders in terms of skills and bike handling, as well as fitness.