Club Policy and Documentation

Equity Policy

Colchester Rovers Cycle Club adopts British Cycling’s Equity Policy

The club respects the rights, dignity and worth of every person and will treat everyone equally within the context of their sport, regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality or social/economic status.

The club is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy their sport in an environment free from threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse all club members have a responsibility to oppose discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity

The club will deal with any incidence of discriminatory behaviour seriously, according to club disciplinary procedure.


Colchester Rovers Cycle Club adheres to and implements the following policies:

British Cycling’s Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy

British Cycling’s Safeguarding & Vulnerable Adults Policy

British Cycling’s Equity Policy

British Cycling’s Code of Conduct

British Cycling General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

CRCC Complaint & Disciplinary Procedure

CRCC Code of Conduct for Young People

Code of conduct for Parents/Carers, Adult Members, Volunteers and Other Supporters

Guidelines for dealing with accidents and emergencies

Documents and forms

Incident form

Parental consent form

Volunteer Agreement Form

CRCC data privacy notice

Data Privacy Notice