Youth FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be a member to come to the sessions?

No. Any rider is welcome to come along! There is no obligation to join the club, although there are benefits to doing so. Most riders will soon want to be part of the greatest club around!

How much does it cost to join Colchester Rovers as a Youth member?

We charge a nominal fee of a penny to join online (although British Cycling do charge an admin fee of £1) Membership lasts for one year from January to December. Please see the Membership page of the website for further details.

Do I need to join British Cycling?

No. Although joining British Cycling does bring benefits such as various insurances and discounts with some retailers. It is also recommended to join BC if you decide to compete regularly.


Do I need a specific bike?

No. The majority of our sessions are on grass or tarmac so any bike in good, safe condition will be fine. It is worth checking that tyres are pumped up, have sufficient grip (particularly in winter when it will be muddy) and that the brakes work. Coaches will always teach riders to do a basic bike check before starting and are always willing to give advice if required.

The only exception is for grasstrack events where the club will supply bikes for the duration of the session.

I don’t have an appropriate bike, can I borrow one?

We do not currently have any bikes to lend out, however, for sessions at Colchester Sports Park you are able to hire bikes from the venue..

Do I need to wear lycra?

No. Any clothing suitable for the conditions and activity is fine. Be aware that extremities can often get cold and flappy clothing can get stuck in moving parts, potentially getting damaged, or worse still, causing an accident.

Do I need those funny clippy pedals?

No! As children progress and acquire new skills then many find it advantageous to use clipless pedals, however, the majority will use conventional, flat pedals.

How do I buy Rovers kit?

Many riders will want to join the Rovers tribe and what better way to feel part of the team than to buy the team kit. Once you join the club (see above) you will be given access to the club shop which opens several times a year for you to be able to order kit. We try to subsidise this whenever we can as well as trying to keep some in stock for ’emergencies’. The kit is made by Kalas who also provide kit for the GB squad and is of excellent quality. For more information see the Kit page of the main club site. We also encourage members to pass on kit that has been outgrown via the Youth Facebook page.


Do I have to race?

No. There is absolutely no obligation to race and many children choose to never race at all.

I would like to try racing, where do I start?

The first port of call would be either by talking to the coaches or going straight to the relevant pages of the British Cycling website. It can be daunting when starting out so talking to other ‘experienced’ parents can also be an invaluable source of information. There is plenty of racing that goes on in the region and is available to all abilities.

Coaching and Training

Where and when do you meet?

Broadly speaking, we run grasstrack sessions every Monday evening from May through to July at Boadicea Way, Colchester, road sessions at Colchester Sports Park through spring and summer, and cyclocross training also at Hillyfields, Colchester or Colchester Sports Park on a Saturday morning through the autumn and winter.

How much do the sessions cost?

Sessions typically cost £5 and are all payable on a pay-as-you-go basis. We have a contactless payment system requiring no cash to change hands.

What are your safeguarding measures?

All of our coaches are fully British Cycling accredited and hence have an enhanced DBS check as well as full First Aid qualifications. This also provides full liability insurance. The club also has a Welfare Officer who oversees all of our activities.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist?

Not at all. The majority of our sessions will cater for all ages and abilities from 8-16 years old. If you have any concerns before attending, please contact our Youth Chairman on