CRCC Executive Committee Meeting – January 2020

Colchester Rovers Cycling Club

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

Held at 19:30 hrs on Friday 3rd January 2020 at

Boadicea Way Sports Complex, Boadicea Way, Colchester


1. Committee Members Present

Nick Swainston, Sandra Meadows, Paul Meadows, Margaret Hargreaves, Malcolm Hargreaves, John Loxley, Jim Reed, James Baldwin, Tom Starmer, Peter Hall, Joanne Smith, Justin Smith, Stuart Thompson.

2. Apologies for Absence

Linda Thompson, Colin White, Paul Goldsmith, David Triggs, Greg Andrews, Phillip Read

3. Approval of previous Minutes

Proposed: Paul Meadows
Seconded: James Baldwin

4. Matters Arising from previous Minutes

Nothing recorded.

5. Treasurer’s report

Maggie presented the accounts to the committee a copy of which is attached. Tom Starmer updated the committee on the position of the Youth Account. Lloyds bank are still requiring further items before the account can be opened; this has now been on going for sometime. It was agreed that we would review the situation at the next meeting with a view to seeing how we could move this forward.

6. Sportive (Paul Meadows)

Paul informed the committee that the date of this years Sportive would be Sunday 22nd March. Sign on would be 9.00 for 9.30. The cost would be £5.00 per rider and all money would go to Community Heart Beat Trust to help purchase a defibrillator on North Hill. North Hill is where James Jackson became ill whilst on a Saturday Club ride.

There will be 2 rides: 25 miles and 50 miles, both circuits to go clockwise heading towards Ardleigh.

7. Annual Dinner and Social Evening (Maggie and Nick)

Maggie gave an update on the dinner in that so far the numbers where low with only 6 adults confirmed and 1 child. It was agreed by the committee to invite Peter Phillips, Nick Rowley, Stephen Horn and Tony Asplin together with their plus ones as guests of the club. Maggie will send a personal letter to each (sent 10.1.20).

Nick informed the committee that he had been looking at entertainment for the evening. He had spoken with an agency and they can supply a band (Nashville Heat a 3 piece Band) at a reduced cost of £850 for the evening. The committee agreed that this would be a good idea and that Nick should go ahead and book them.

Sandra mentioned the certificate for the most outstanding Café of the year. Joanne agreed that she would put this out to the Saturday/Sunday riders and put it to a vote. Joanne will get back to us once we have a confirmed winner.

Tom Starmer asked if he may present the prizes to the Youth winners and the committee agreed to this.

With regard to Trophies the committee agreed that this year we would do things a little differently. We shall award the 1st place senior winners with their appropriate trophies but not a plaque this year. The committee agreed that we would continue to issue the plaques to the Youths.

Nick put forward the idea of placing a role of honour on the Website and all agreed this would be a good idea.

8. A.O.B.

  • James Baldwin gave an update with regards to the new membership cards for 2020. The cards should be with us for distribution by the beginning of February.
  • The committee talked about the Club Handbook and that this needed updating. John Loxley will look at what is on the website and will forward to Maggie for updating.
  • Stuart Thompson commented on how well the Christmas Drinks at the Fat Cat had gone (about 20 attended). With regard to more social events Stuart said we will be trying to organise something for when the Northern gateway opens. Stuart and Linda are also working on something for the summer, maybe Thetford forest and a BBQ. With regard to the club purchasing projection equipment, it was agreed that we would wait and see what facilities would be available at Northern Gateway.
  • Tom Starmer said that the Youth have their social on Saturday 11th January at Braintree. Maggie confirmed that Colchester United had agreed that we can use the large hall at Shrub End for Turbo sessions on a Monday evening. Tom asked if it would be possible to have the room from 7pm. Maggie will speak to Colchester United and book the room for an extra hour. (Confirmed 7 – 9pm Mondays but Nb. Not available on 10th February 2020).
  • John Loxley gave the committee an update on Time Trials. John will speak with Gary Hamblion and sort the results for the Dinner. John confirmed that the Tendring course had been approved and that the TT timetable was now available on the website. We as a club need to agree what method of timing we are going to use. John said that he would but the Marshalling duties online so that we can encourage people to sign up early. John said that we should have more come and try events.
  • Justin raised the question of “sweeping” on club rides. A discussion took place and it was decided that Joanne and Justin would look at this and inform club members who participate in the club runs how they would like this to work.
  • Malcolm updated the committee on the Jock Wadley. Not many entries yet but a lot of the admin was sorted and in place. There was a problem in trying to report pot holes on the course but Malcolm was hopeful that this will be resolved.
  • Nick reported on how well the Boxing Day runners v riders had gone and the committee thanked Mike Pears for taking this on at such short notice.
  • Maggie asked the committee if she could purchase a laptop. This would be held as an asset of the Club and if and when there is a change of secretary the laptop with all the relevant information would be passed on. The committee agreed to this.



Before the meeting the Nick raised the issue of the AGM. The committee had a long discussion about the AGM and how we could if at all possible find a position for Tony Asplin. Colin is talking to Tony and this will be on the agenda for the next meeting.


The meeting closed at 21.10.

The date of the next meeting is Friday 7th February.


Margaret Hargreaves
Colchester Rovers CC