COVID-19: All CRCC Planned Activity Cancelled Indefinetly

CRCC Club Activities

Following the latest announcements by the Government, British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials we regret to announce that all of our regular social rides, chain gangs, club TT’s, youth events including Grass Track are now cancelled indefinitely. This will include the cancellation for our National 400m Grass Track event that was scheduled for Sunday 21st June 2020.

Gutted does not begin to describe it.

Britsh Cycling has indicated at the current time that all club organised activity should cease until at least 30 June 2020. Their latest advice can be found here:

British Cycling Covid-19 FAQ’s

The CTT has indicated that category A & B TT activity must be suspended until 31st May 2020

CTT Covid-19 Advice

Can I ride my bike?

During these difficult times, we understand that all our members will still want to get out and ride regularly. However, as a well known local club, we request that you do this responsibly and in line with the guidelines that have been provided by the government. Recreational cycling has already been banned in Italy,  Spain, and France. If we don’t want it to go the same way in the UK we need to think carefully about our actions over the next few months.

So what should and possibly, more importantly, shouldn’t you do to be a socially responsible cyclist during the current crisis?

The simplest answer: ride on your own, stay on your own,  go home on your own and keep social interactions down to the absolute minimum and if you have them – observe the guidance on social distancing. The only people you should only be riding with is people from your own household.

We ask you specifically at this time not to organise your own group rides, especially not on any the CRCC social media platforms, including Strava, Facebook and Twitter.

In these unprecedented times, the health of everyone is paramount. We look forward to the eventual return of normality to our lives and the sport that we love.