Monday, 6-Apr-2020 12:30
Place M/F Name Actual Time
1 M Alex Warburton 23:34
2 M Keith Randle 24:19
3 M Matt Haigh 24:53
4 M Paul Meadows 26:11
5 M Nick Rowley 26:23
6 M Simon Carson 26:43
7 M Richard Hooper 29:43
8 M John Loxley 30:47
9 M Len Crosier 32:12
10 F Amelia Hopper 35:13
11 M Lee Kennedy DNF (Virtual Puncture)
12 M Malcolm Smith DNS (Virtual Puncture)
New Link to event:
RGT have set up a version of the new Tendring 10 mile time trial course so that we can run a Rovers virtual time trial series.
We need to run a test event so that we get things running smoothly. I will need a minimum of 5 riders to register for the test event.
In order to register for the event you will need to download a screen app to your computer or iPad and a mobile app to your mobile. Instructions here –
In order to access the Premium features for free you will need to send an empty email to from the same email account that you use to register for RGT.
Once you have registered for RGT click on the link below from your mobile to register for the TT/Race.
Link to event:
Summary: 1 laps on Virtual E7_10d TT Tendring, on Monday, 6-Apr-2020 12:30