CRCC Management Team Meeting – February 2021

Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday 5th February, 2021
Held as “Zoom” Meeting.


1. Committee Members Present:

Paul Meadows, Phil Read, Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Justin Smith, Joanne Smith, David Triggs, Peter Hall, Greg Andrews, Sandra Meadows, Tom Starmer, Stuart Thompson, Linda Thompson and Colin White (by telephone)

2. Apologies for Absence:

Jim Reed, Paul Goldsmith and John Loxley

3. Approval of previous Minutes

Proposed: Colin white
Seconded: Phil Read

4. Matters Arising from previous Minutes

5. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the Treasurers report, a copy of which was sent to committee members. David and Nick gave details of a First Aid Course. The course will be run on a Saturday will be for about 6 hours and can take up to 8. The cost of the course is £660. This will be mainly for our newly trained coaches who need to attend the course to complete their qualification. The Committee agreed the cost.

6. Membership

No new members. No news on the new membership cards but Colin will chase James and let Nick know as soon as he has an update. (cards have now been received)

7. Membership Survey

Since our last committee meeting Nick has sent a questionnaire out to all members. The response so far is that out of 293 members 76 have completed the questionnaire. Nick gave a complete update on the responses to the categories and a lot of discussion took place. Nick will in due course forward the complete responses. In the meantime Nick will send a further email to the membership reminding them to complete it.

Once we have all the responses Nick will issue these to the Committee prior to publishing them to the membership.

8. VCR Track Bikes.

Nick informed the committee that he had been approached by VCR asking if the club would be interested in purchasing 2 track bikes. They are offering the bikes to the club for £300.00. Nick thought the frame sizes are 52 and 56. The committee agreed that these would be a good buy and that Nick should go ahead and purchase them.

9. Youth Activity

Tom gave an update to the committee and confirmed that the coaches are ready to go and hoping to start once COVID allows. They are all keen for when Northern gateway is open. John Stockwell will be based at Northern Gateway for BC.

Greg commented that we need to reignite road racing and need more coaching sessions. Coaching should not just be for the youth but offered to all club members.

Greg is more than happy to help with Road Racing.

10. A.O.B

Nick has spoken to Kevin Bell northern gateway duty manager. He is a previous Interbike racer (2nd C at). He would like to meet with us and Nick suggested himself, Tom and Greg would attend a meeting with him to have a look around Northern gateway. Hopefully the meeting can take place during half term week (end of February).

The possible opening date for Northern Gateway is 26th April.

The coaches would also like a possible online meeting with Kevin. (this to be arranged)



Greg raised the pointed of having a virtual sportive. Paul said that he could not see a problem with this as they are holding virtual rides at present. They will look into this.

The meeting closed at 9.18pm

Date of next meeting 5th March 2021



Margaret Hargreaves
Colchester Rovers Cycling Club