Sandra keeps us up to date with the last WRTL Zwift TTT event of the season:

So, its Thursday evening again, 2 TTT teams line up for the last go of the season. We take on a greater London course, then up Box Hill. It’s 15 miles, mostly flat, until Box Hill, an elevation of 801ft.

Brian, Rick, Keith and Paul for TTT 1 team. Justin, Nick L, Jon, Phil, and Sandra lined up for TTT 2. Rider numbers were diminishing a little towards the end of our season.

And we are off, team 2 losing Justin, to a techno problem, going past all the landmarks in London Town, there’s Buckingham Palace, Big Ben. I really must concentrate on the wheels in front… both teams giving it their all.

Both teams gave way to a couple of faster teams tonight.. but, it’s great to whiz past their stragglers who got dropped later. Wow, here we go through the subway into Surrey and Box Hill. Up we go, both teams hurting here, as expected. We go through the top banner then there’s another kick to the Hill,

Wow the super tuck coming down the other side, what a welcome relief.

So, back through the subway, fun over, last push over Tower Bridge and onto the finish line. Both teams finish well together, pleased with the times, but oh how TTT 2 wished Jus was with them, as much as he would love to have been there.

So, that’s that, for now, we all agree we look forward to the Autumn and hit it all again.
We have enjoyed these sessions and really hope to be joined by more Rovers next season, we can easily go to teams of 8 and make more teams, so let us know if you are interested.

CRCC TTT 1- 188th out of 313 latte 42:15 mins

CRCC TTT 2 – 54th out of 73 Mocha 49:39 mins

If you are interested in these events please have a chat with Nick R, Keith or Paul, I am sure they will let you know what is going on.