Club 2021 TT Championship – Rnd 1 – Peldon E22/47 – 25.63 m (1 lap)

Sunday, 11-Apr-2021 – 08:00 am

The First TT of the 2021 season was held on Sunday morning with bright but very cold conditions with minimal wind. The race was the first competitive club 25 mile TT for many riders since the autumn of 2019. With only 3  short course events possible during 2021.

It was great to see so many riders starting with the first TT the season.

Many riders were relatively new to TT’s and riding drop bar road bikes. A least 3 new riders plunging in the deep end with a 25-mile event.

Rovers are looking to buck the trend this season with a full season of accessible events hoping to drive up participation from club members. If you fancy having a go, it is just you against the clock, with riders starting minute intervals. There is little to worry about.

The race was timed with our new timing app, which will help to improve the speed and availability of results data during the 2021 season. The system is proving reliable and easy to use. Volunteers always needed.

The race result of round 1 of the 2021 Club TT championship can be viewed on the button below.

Result Below
2021 TT Championship Round 1 Result

Photos by Jim Reed