CRCC 2020 Annual General meeting – august 2021

Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held at 7.30pm on Friday 6th August, 2021 at
Northern Gateway, Colchester

Attendance 26 people attended

Before the meeting started The Chairman requested a minutes silence in recognition of all the club members who had sadly died in the past 18 months. Mac Mcpherson, Tony Asplin, Ian Cole, Paul Speller, Sylvia Keeble and Freddy Parrot.

  1. Election of Chairman

Nick Swainston stood down as Chairman. Malcolm Hargreaves Vice Chairman asked Nick if he would stand again and Nick confirmed to the meeting that he would. The committee would also like to register a vote of thanks to Nick for all his hard work.

Proposed by Malcolm Hargreaves
Seconded by Ken Baker

Carried unanimously – Nick Swainston elected as Chairman

  1. Apologies for Absence: Barry Holderness, Elspeth Knott, Matthew Haigh, Justin Smith and Joanna Smith
  2. Adoption of the 2019 AGM Minutes

Minutes circulated by email prior to the meeting (copies also available at the meeting) Nick gave a quick overview since the last AGM.

Proposed by Len Benton
Seconded by Colin White

  1. Matters arising from the 2019 AGM


  1. Treasures Report 2019 – 2020

Maggie gave a report to the meeting and a copy of the end of year Accounts for 2020 (copies were also available at the meeting). Maggie also presented a balance sheet and this shows a very healthy balance of £18442.97.

Chris Hall asked how are we going to use this money. Nick said that we need more equipment things such as a Gazebo, and investing in a possible grass track at Northern Gateway. We have arranged with Tofauti Active for a series of circuit races at Northern Gateway and have put money into buying Banners and publishing etc. We hope to run these races annually. We have paid for coaches and are hoping to fund more for both Level 1 and Level 2.

Peter Hall said that we held money back for the investment at Northern Gateway and this we have done. Promoting Thursday nights with VCR, running club nights once a month and offering a free hour session to club members.

David Triggs said the biggest investment that we can make is in our coaches. We are at present talking to British Cycling for courses and asking if they will run them at Northern Gateway.

Malcolm Smith asked about CITEC courses with regard to bike maintence. Nick said we have a monthly facility at Northern gateway and that we could run a bike maintenance session on one of these nights.

  1. 2020 General Secretary’s Report

A Copy of the Secretary’s Report is attached to these minutes. Chris Hall commented on the gap appearing between the old and young. He said it was a very good report but we need to plan for the future. Nick said that we do try, we have our club nights and we do encourage everyone old and young to attend.

Greg said that hopefully we would see more of this next year. Nick said that we make all our members welcome and in the coming months we hope to see our numbers start to increase on Friday club nights.

Len commented on how few members had attended the Friday Club nights so far. James said that this was mainly down to the bad weather we had been having.
Nick said how well the VCR Thursday nights were going. There had been a lot of skill building.
Maggie read out a report from Tom Starmer regarding the Youth (copy attached).

  1. Election of Club Committee Officials 2020

The Chairman went through the current positions and those of committee members standing down and vacant committee posts.

Road/Circuit Secretary Paul Goldsmith Standing down
Annual Prize
presentation and dinner Margaret Hargreaves Standing down
Social Secretary Stuart and Linda Thompson Standing down
Clothing Secretary James Baldwin Standing down

Press Lead – Vacant
Social Media Lead – Vacant
Club Member 3 – Vacant

All other members in post agreed to stand again and were duly elected. They are as follows

President Geoff Keeble
Vice Presidents J Baker, K Baker, CHall, R Howard, H Ramsey,
D Snowling, J Spalding, C White and D Woods.
Life Members J Baker, K Baker, D Triggs, Keith Clarke,
Geoff Keeble.
Chairman Nick Swainston
Vice Chairman Malcom Hargreaves
Secretary Margaret Hargreaves
Treasurer Margaret Hargreaves
Membership Secretary Colin White
Time Trial Secretary John Loxley
Cyclo Cross Secretary Peter Hall
Track Secretary/coach David Triggs
Sportive Secretary Paul Meadows
Website Secretary Justin Smith
Club Runs Secretary Joanna Smith
Youth Chairman Tom Starmer
Club Member 1 Phil Read
Club Member 2 Sandra Meadows

The chairman then continued with the following posts.

Clothing Secretary – Nicky Swainston was nominated

Proposed by Sandra Meadows
Seconded by David Triggs

Therefore Nicky Swainston was elected.

Road/Circuit Secretary – Greg Andrews was nominated to stand

Proposed by John Loxley
Seconded by James Baldwin

Therefore Greg Andrews was elected.

Mountain Bike Secretary – Peter Phillips was nominated to stand

Proposed by Mike Pears
Seconded by Greg Andrews

Therefore Peter Phillips was elected.

Club Member 3 – Matthew Heigh was nominated to stand

Proposed by John Loxley
Seconded by Keith Clarke

Therefore Matthew Heigh was elected.

Nick asked if there where any nominations for Life Membership. Keith nominated Malcolm and Maggie Hargreaves.

Proposed by Keith Clarke
Seconded by Colin White

Motion therefore carried.

The Chairman would like to thank James for all his hard work with the clothing.

David Triggs said that he would like to propose a vote of thanks to Maggie for all her hard work as Secretary/Treasurer.

The following posts were not filled and remain vacant. Press Lead, Social Media Annual Prize presentation, Social Secretary

Nick said of all the vacant positions we really do need to fill the press position. Peter said that Tom starmer is doing a lot for the website and is it possible to use Tom’s work and pass it onto the press.

John said we could also put this on the member’s page.

  1. Abberton road race

Keith asked in recognition for Tony’s work could we please change the Abberton Road Race to the Tony Asplin Memorial road race.
All members present agreed to this.

  1. Annual Prize Presentation and Dinner

Nick asked what would we like to do a formal dinner or something less formal. One suggestion was to take advantage of Northern Gateway and have something there. Nick said that he has been to many dinners but we have to think about families and formal dinners can be expensive.

Phil read said previous dinners have been good but perhaps the entertainment has not quite hit the mark

Greg said that one idea would perhaps be to scale back on the Trophies and may be an alternative would be to present the trophies at events.

  1. A.O.B.

Nick spoke about Time Trials and how we are struggling with cancellations and that we need to find a way around this. Nick suggested we try and have 2 courses per week and if one course had road works we would have a back up. Another suggestion was to run a time trial session at Northern Gateway. It was proposed that we run a trial event and see how that goes.

Greg asked about using transponders and would it be an idea to buy our own. Nick said that there is a system already at Northern Gateway but it was proving difficult in that no one at Northern Gateway knows how to use the system. Nick has spoken to Northern Gateway in depth but does not seem to be able to move this forward very quickly.

Malcolm smith asked is there still going to be a Hill climb on 10th October. Nick said that due to some clashes this date would have to be moved. Nick will confirm a date ASAP.(now Sunday 31st October)

Ken Baker asked if we wanted to nominate anyone for club person of the year. David Triggs asked when are we likely to hold our next AGM bearing in mind that this AGM in effect is our 2020 AGM.

John said that last year we were talking about holding the AGM after the hill climb. Phil said is it possible to hold it after an event at Northern Gateway.

It was proposed that we do have a 2021 AGM and make it later in the year. We could then nominate a Club person of the year.

Nicky asked if it would be possible to have the AGM after our Prize Presentation although a very good idea it was felt that this would be a very long event and would we get many of the Youth attending..

Nick commented that there was not a great attendance from the Youth at the AGM and it was discussed how we might encourage more to attend. Nick said that he sends an email to club members nearly every week yet it appears that very few even read them.

Paul said it is difficult when we send emails out through the BC system. When members receive the email it shows as coming from BC and not the club. Nick will speak to BC and see if anything can be done so that we can make it clearer that the email is from the club.

Nick also reminded the meeting that he would be publishing the results of the questionnaire that he sent out earlier in the year.

Both Nick and Greg said that they would like to encourage the racing side of the club.

Keith asked if we would have to pay levies if we run a time trial on the circuit at Northern Gateway. John will look into this.

Colin informed the meeting that there would be a memorial service at Furze Hill for Ian Cole on 21st August and afterwards a get together at the Red Lion in Manningtree.

Mike Pears asked about Boxing day runners verses riders event and would we also consider a New Years day event at Friday Woods. Nick said if Mike could sort things out with the Army and report back.

Sandra said as we do a road ride on New Years day then this would give our membership a choice


The committee agreed that this will stand as our 2020 AGM and that we will be holding our 2121 AGM later this year.

The meeting closed at 21.41pm

Signd ……………………………
Maggie Hargreaves