Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday 10th July, 2023
At Stanway Village Hall

1. Committee Members Present:

Stuart Anderson, Paul Meadows, Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Ray Robins, Tom Starmer, Kelly Phillips, Justine Smith, Jacqui Mortlock, Matt Haigh, Colin White

2. Apologies for Absence:

Elaine Rowley, Nick Rowley, Nicky Swainston, Greg Andrews and Helen Arnold

3. Approval of Previous Minutes

Proposed by Jacqui Mortlock
Seconded by Kelly Phillips

4. Matters Arising from previous Minutes


5. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the Club accounts. We are still in a very healthy position with the present balance sitting at £41,599.07. Total monies paid in this month was £3215.05 and withdrawn £2149.67. The monies paid in were club membership fees and Eventbrite monies and Centurion Races. Expenditure this month was mainly the purchase of Bike Box No 2, Centurion and various invoices.

6. New Members

Since the last meeting we have had 6 New Members: Adam Colvin, Jason Gillard, Mark Alsop, Nick Copperwaite, Robert Horton and Zaman Sheikh. All New members were accepted by the Committee. We had 6 members renew their membership.

Nick (Chairman) informed the Committee that he had received reports about an individual who had shown aggressive behaviour towards a member of the club. Nick (Chairman) had to act on these reports and emailed the individuals involved for their account (Nick (Chairman) read the replies from the 2 parties to the Committee. The Committee debated the matter and the outcome was that the Club cannot tolerate any sort of aggressive / bullying behaviour towards another member of the Club.

The Committee voted unanimously to withdraw the membership of [REDACTED]. Nick (Chairman) said that he will be writing to [REDACTED} to confirm this.

7. Road/Circuit racing

Greg sent his apologies but reported that he had only 11 entries so far for the next Centurion races on 15th July. Greg said that we would have to make a decision by Wednesday night if the races are to go ahead and would keep us informed. In the meantime, if we could do another publicity push this may well help. (races cancelled)

8. TT

Maggie read out the message she had received from Nick Rowley. Nick reported that TTs are going well with only 2 road events cancelled so far. Matt said that the 50 plans were well underway and that 6 Rovers had already entered.

9. A.O.B

Matt said that he has a potential new course for the TTs; this is at Beaumont and he will investigate further.

Tom said that all is going with the Youth. They now have 2 Summer Cyclo X events planned for 14/21 August. Simon is working on the Cyclo X and will be putting something out very soon. (first event held on Monday 14th August ….. very successful and great feed back) Tom said that they had been looking at the Saturday morning sessions and possibly next year will run these ourselves. There is still an issue with retention of 13/14 olds. Simon and Tom are looking at ways to keep them.

Nick (Chairman) said that we do want to support our Youth and if there are any Youth who enter events and would like assistance with cost/travel etc they can put a case to the Committee.

Maggie asked if we would consider increasing the Youth clothing subsidy from 25% to 35%. The committee agreed to this and asked if Tom could get Jonathan the Youth Treasurer to look at the costings.
Ray asked if we could get together a group of 8 people in Rovers kit so that we use this when we publish the etiquette procedure in Club rides. Ray asked if we could do this at the next Club Evening at NGW.

Colin reported that Toni Plowright has died at the age of 90. The funeral will be held at 11am on 20th July at Colchester Crematorium. Some Rovers will ride at the head of the hearse. (others attended also)

Kelly recently sent out a questionnaire to the Committee. If anyone has any amendments or additions then please let her know.

Due to a recent accident on the Posse ride the Committee agreed that we need to have an accident book for all rides.

Ray said that he is hoping to have Alex Dowsett as a quest speaker possibly sometime in Jan/Feb 2024. Ray said that he now has 15 signed up for the Dragon races.

Helen mentioned the Dunwich Dynamo and asked if enough Rovers sign up would it be possible to have truck hire for the bikes. The Committee agreed to this

The meeting closed at 9.08pm

The next meeting will be Tuesday 22nd August

Margaret Hargreaves
Club Secretary