All photos courtesy of ScottD Photography

Rovers Track Evening at Lee Valley Velodrome

Rovers made a return to the track last Saturday evening with a 2 hour club session at the Lee Valley Velodrome. A thoroughly enjoyable and exciting evening was had by all.







The session started with those new to track cycling or needing a refresher taking some instruction from the coaches while the rest of the group took to the track for an acclimitisation with the boards.







Everyone very quickly mastered the art of the fixed wheel and the whole group was soon on track.







The first exercise was practising peeling off the front and re-joining the back of a group.







The next exercise caused some confusion and dare I say a certain amount of hilarity with riding between single file, in tandem or 3 abreast at the whim of the coaches. This was apparently supposed to help with our group communication and the ability to slot back into free space.













Up next was for the group to ride at a moderate pace around the blue line and then for either 4, 3 ,2 or just 1 rider(s) to race off the front and catch-up with the back.







The evening ended with a relay sprint between 2 teams, with a standing start by holding onto the top rail of both the home and back straights.


A big thank you goes out to Scott Davey for photographing the whole event and to Sandra and Paul Meadows for cheering us on.