Rovers Lockdown Virtual Time Trial Series

Colchester Rovers Lockdown Virtual TT Series starts on RGT on Wednesday 15 April

We have chosen to run the events on RGT as it enables us to set up courses based on our local TT courses using RGT’s “Magic Roads.” RGT have kindly made their premium features free during the lockdown.

In order to register for the event you will need to download a screen app to your computer or iPad and a mobile app to your mobile. Further instructions here –
In order to access the Premium features for free you will also need to send an empty email to from the same email account that you use to register for RGT.

Once you have registered for RGT click on the links at the bottom of the page from your mobile to register for each event.

The  virtual TT series has been set up to keep us fit and active during the lockdown as well as to give us some sort of competitive cycling series in the absence of the Rovers regular Wednesday evening and championship TT events.
The series is meant to be fun, but it is proposed that there will be awards in various categories at the end of the series. It is therefore necessary to follow some basic rules for the events. The rules on drafting& standing starts should make the events more like proper TTs.
Whilst it is difficult to avoid drafting altogether in a group start event, after the first 250 meters, competitors should ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting) from another rider.
Standing Starts
As the events replace TTs there should be should be a standing start. Once you have warmed up you should stop pedalling so that your watts on the info screen on the RGT apps reduces to 0 watts. Then start again once the message comes up to start pedalling.
Entry Form
Events are open to all local cyclists. You can enter individual events without entering the series, but to register for the series you will need to complete the Virtual Time Trial Series Entry Form.
Categories for the competition will be youth/junior, men, vets, women, handicap and an open category to include non-Rovers (open cat will include women’s places). If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.

There are 3 TT events a week and the final series results will be based on completing 30%, so even if you just do one event a week you can still complete the series.

1st event on Langham 10 course Wednesday 15 April at 6:00 pm. to register –
2nd event on Tendring 10 course Friday 17 April at 12 noon –
3rd event on E22/24 (Birch) course Sunday 19 April 12 noon –
4  Peldon 10  – Tuesday 21 April 6pm
7 Little Bentley 10 – Monday 27 April 9:30 am.
8 Langham 10 – Wednesday 29 April 6 pm.
9.  Birch 24 – Saturday 2 May 8:30 am.
10. Tendring 10 E7/10d- Wednesday 6 May 18:00
11. E2/10 – Friday 8 May  08:30
Try riding one of the fastest TT courses in the country. 
Of course, unlike the lorries bombing along the real A11, there won’t be lots of traffic to drag you along.
12.  Peldon 25 (1 loop of E22/47) – 10 May 14:30
13. Peldon 10 E22/10 – 12 May 08:30
Rouvy are currently offering a 14 day free trial, so I have set up a couple of races on Rouvy which have the advantage of following local courses (including video).
You can download Rouvy and register for the free trial here:
14. Jock Wadley 7.2 Mile  – 13 May 18:00
15. Birch 24 Mile E22/24   – 17 May 14:00

Back to a route on RGT for an early morning ride:

16. Bentley E7/10c  – 19 May 08:30

Further events will appear here