Wednesday bought the third midweek TT of the 2023 season. The final result is detailed below. Thank you to all those who helped to make this event possible Malcolm, Maggie, Nick R, Elaine, & Zoe G,

The event was the first of our slightly longer evening events at 14.1 miles starting outside the Water Works at Layer and finishing on the rise up to Layer Church after completing 2 circuits of the reservoir circuit.

The conditions were – Dry, Fair, 8°C, East Wind, 9.0 mph

The fastest time of the day went to guest rider Neil Hughes with an impressive 32mins 34secs (average speed of just under 26 mph) on the fairly lumpy course. Jamie Watson was the faster Rover rider 20 seconds quicker than his previous best time in 2022. Jamie is certainly going well at the start of 2023.

We would like to welcome Andrew Whelan to the club, now as a first claim member. Andrew was the second fastest Rover with an average speed of 24.25 mph, 77 seconds behind Jamie. The fastest road bike was Mark Ketterer with a very competitive time of 35mins 14 secs (24.01 mph). Mark’s road bike riding position is something to be envious of.

Our fastest lady was Elspeth Knott, with Kelly Philips coming in second with a really impressive 2mins 53secs faster than on the same course about a year ago. Certainly some good improvement there.

Our other star of the day was Isacc Starmer the 14-year-old ROVERS youth rider entering a road time trial for a third time. Isacc had ridden the same course in 2022 and posted an impressive improvement of 2min 7secs.

New riders are always welcome, Come and have a TT ride in a fun supportive environment. You will become addicted. Remember you are only racing against yourself

Unfortunately, the first round of the club Championship has been cancelled on Sunday 21st due to roadworks. However two TTs next week, midweek at Tendring, then an interclub 10 on the relatively fast Lavenham course vs Sudbury CC. See you all soon.

RankRace NumberRider NameFinish Line
Lap 1 (Pos)
Finish Line
Lap 2 (Pos)
TT Result
162Neil Hughes15:53.7 (1)16:39.8 (1)32:3425.98 mph
264Jamie Watson16:10.8 (2)17:25.2 (2)33:3625.18 mph
361Andrew Whelan16:42.7 (3)18:10.2 (4)34:5324.25 mph
460Mark Ketterer17:08.1 (4)18:06.2 (3)35:1424.01 mph
558Matt Haigh17:15.1 (7)18:26.4 (5)35:4223.70 mph
659Jeff Wharton17:08.2 (5)18:41.7 (6)35:5023.61 mph
750Connor Price17:15.0 (6)19:01.9 (7)36:1723.32 mph
857Mike Pears17:46.7 (8)19:02.2 (9)36:4922.98 mph
955Steven Little17:54.0 (9)19:02.8 (10)36:5722.90 mph
1051Dean De’Ath18:00.9 (10)19:02.0 (8)37:0322.84 mph
1154Greg Andrews18:15.4 (11)19:43.2 (11)37:5922.28 mph
1252David Scrimshaw18:32.9 (12)20:12.1 (12)38:4521.83 mph
1348Isaac Starmer 19:11.2 (13)20:24.9 (13)39:3621.36 mph
1447David Triggs19:19.1 (14)20:52.3 (14)40:1121.05 mph
1546John Sanderson20:57.0 (15)22:53.3 (16)43:5019.30 mph
1644Elspeth Knott21:29.1 (16)22:31.0 (15)44:0019.23 mph
1742David Chia21:58.9 (17)24:21.8 (17)46:2118.25 mph
1843Kelly Phillips23:24.7 (18)25:10.7 (18)48:3517.41 mph
1941Colin White28:35.3 (19)31:15.1 (19)59:5014.14 mph