WTRL CRCC Team Time Trial – latest Zwift escapade

Sandra keeps us up to date with the latest from Thursday evenings WTRL TTT event:

Well, its Thursday evening once again, 19.05 we are on the start line, no more pedalling until your team start time. I am lined up with all the teams, I can see Jon just in front of me. Nerves are brewing, but, helped by our chat on discord. We watch some teams depart, then Jus in counting us down, 5 4 3 2 1 yay we are all out, forming up into our “blob”, we have 3.5-mile lead in then the circuits start twice around Londons greater flat district. Rolling out down Northumberland Ave, down the Mall, past Buckingham Palace,

This is a toughie, one of the flattest routes, no downhills to get a leg rest. Constant pedalling.

Jus is on the front, we are attempting to form up behind, Nick takes over, then Phil. “WOW” here’s the sprint section. Following all the sights along the Thames and past, Big Ben, Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament. You see it all on Zwift

We increase our speed there is “cake” to eat in front, I mean another team. That’s good, we are making time.

On this course were staying pretty well together.. all putting in a consistent effort. Constitutional Hill and back down the Mall. No Queen insight, reckon she is busy. Hey what’s this a team coming up behind us, we let them pass, they are much faster than us, we are keeping focused on this second lap, don’t want the team we passed to re-catch now do we. My legs are screaming at me now, SHUT UP LEGS is the phrase now. Keep pushing, we now gobble up another team, but they don’t let us go too easily, they put up a fight, but, CRCC rules !!!

OK, apart from the legs we can’t even talk right now 5 miles to finish. Will, I make it,?? Yes, of course, I will.

PUSH those legs. Ok final sprint to finish coming up, empty those tanks,!!! we all finish together … fantastic.

Wahoo!!! We beat our last recorded time on this course (with 5 riders) by 30 SECS.

Once we could speak to each other again, we all thought we had ridden pretty well.

One thing to say about TTs on Zwift.. each time you ride a course its good to compare, it’s not like in real life when there are different weather conditions to affect your ride. No wind, its .. down to YOU

Team 1 also had a great ride, they broke their record too, might have been even better, had 1 of the team not been stuck in the pen, can’t help tech issues tho. But, staying together as a team really works and is enjoyable.

CRCC TTT1 – 44 min 26 secs

CRCC TTT2 – 47 min 36 secs

Course length – 18.5 miles

My only further comment is … how lovely it would be to have closed roads and do that for real one day…..in the meantime, thanks to our team Justin, Nick, Phil and Jon for a great workout,

TTT1 were: Brian, Rick, Paul, Adrian and Keith, all superstars

If you are interested in these events please have a chat with Nick, Keith or Paul, I am sure they will let you know what is going on.