WTRL CRCC TEAM TIME TRIAL – #128 Volcano flat

CRCC Spartacus, Maximus & Augustus

Here are the race results for #128…

Latte Class

Mocha Class

Sandra’s Race Report

Well , it’s Autumn , it’s wet outside and getting dark, must be time to hammer it out on Zwift, well , for those of us who don’t like the rain. New season TTT . Starting first week, 3 laps of the Volcano Flat.
We had 3 CRCC teams in it, all eagerly awaiting 7pm then our start Tim after the banner drops.
Off we go, hurtling down ocean boulevard, chasing the dolphins next to us, out the other side, over the gravel and up the little hill. Hey, who called this the volcano flat.? We approach the volcano, going around the back, then through it, dodging the lava. A lovely downhill to the seafront follows, then through the banner. Lap 1 done off we go lap 2, Maximus and Spartacus racing each other, being only 1 minute apart, Maximus determined not to be caught, and of course Spartacus were chasing them down.
Eventually we get onto the last lap. In team Augustus we had a couple. of drop outs ,not too bad soon back on. Maximus lost Paul right near the end to a techno glitch, then seeing the finish line… legs burning, but come on last effort… and we are all over the line. Each if the 3 teams putting in fantastic efforts.
Cool down and get breath back and Keith comes up with a promise to send us next week’s race Info tomorrow…. mop my brow.!
Yes, it did hurt, yes it was fun ,once finished, yes we will be back for more next week…. Hopefully another team too, the Boudicca ladies.