Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday 4th June 2021
Held as “Zoom” Meeting.

  1. Committee Members Present:

Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Justin Smith, Joanne Smith, Greg Andrews, Peter Hall, Tom Starmer, James Baldwin and Colin White (by telephone)

  1. Apologies for Absence:

Peter Phillips, Linda Thompson, Stuart Thompson, Paul Meadows, Sandra Meadows, Jim Reed and David Triggs

  1. Approval of previous Minutes Proposed: Greg Andrews Seconded: Colin White
  2. Matters Arising from previous Minutes
  3. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the Treasurers report. Just short of £1000.00 Paid in currant account and a small amount of interest (0.22p) on savings account. We will shortly be getting invoices in for Northern Gateway, John Loxley for TT and Jo Warren for the Website.

Nick commented that the sum-up shop is working well and a setup shop will be introduced soon.

  1. Membership

Maggie read out the list of new members. Mr B Longstaff, Master J Morrison, Mr M Bourne, Mr B Paton (2nd claim), Miss C Francis, Mr D Widdowson, Mr T Bland, Mr C Dear.

Colin Had received some renewals together with some donations and these monies would be paid in soon.

Peter asked if we could do something annually to remember Tony perhaps a Cup or some
Nick said that he had recently received an email from Justin with regard to QR codes for the membership cards. Nick asked Justin to show the committee just how this would work.

QR codes are used as part of Track and Trace and it would be a good idea if we could have something similar for the membership cards. They would be digitally stored on our website it would create an image of each member who can then scan the code.

The membership would then be able to use this in retail and this can be linked to their mobile phones.

This system would save time and money especially in the cost of posting out cards.

Greg asked if we could link this into renewals with BC. Justin said that he did not think so but we would like to talk to BC.

Jo said this is also something that would be very useful for the Saturday rides and would help with contact details in an emergency.

It was felt by the committee that we could run this alongside the present system. Justin agreed to look into this further and report back to the committee.

  1. Road/Circuit Races

Malcolm said that there are no more road races until July when Essex Roads would be putting on an event (since this meeting we have been informed this event has now been cancelled due to COVID restrictions at the village hall).

Greg said that he would have a word with Paul about next year’s event. Circuit racing is going very well. Interbike are running a series of races some with BC. Greg said that they are possibly struggling with having enough commissaires for the BC races.

We are putting all our resources into the Autumn races with the Tofuti club and possibly looking to put on a test event.

The timing system at NG is expensive and has not yet been used.

Nick said that it might be an idea to run a TT to use the system but NG also want monies to train people to use the system. Greg said possibly hold this in early August and call it the Tony Asplin Memorial Race. We will need to contact NG re a date. Greg said that Dan Hall has scored 1st point for BC on the circuit. Well done Dan.

  1. Youth

Tom gave an update of the Youth activities and started by thanking the committee for the monies received from the main account.
Saturday mornings are going well, sessions going smoothly even in bad weather. There has been a strong focus on communication with the website being a very important tool.

     Tom has done some flyers for Saturday morning coaching sessions and these are going out 
     To shops and clubs.

     Tom said that we are looking for more coaches and is talking to BC about the possibility of 
     Running courses at NG.  There are Level 1 Coaches wanting to progress to Level 2 and Tom 
     Already has a list of those wishing to do level 1 Coaching (Zoe Swainston, Dan Hall)

     Nick has also received some names of members past and present wanting to help.

     There is going to be a Youth committee meeting next Tuesday but summing things up
     Everything is going well.  We are inspiring the next generation and raising the profile of 
     The Club.
  1. TT

Nick said that he had been asked what is a TT and how do we do it. We are promoting at NG and now we need to promote TT. Is there a particular reason why we need a week for a championship event and only 3 days for an evening 10. Peter said this is down to the organisation of the race. It was felt that members do not understand a lot of the information to be filled in. Things really do need to be simplified. Nick said that CTT charge £4 per rider and we charge £5. Nick said that we need look at the CTT and see what else is out there.

Peter Hall said that he is willing to modify what we have on the website and make this more user friendly and a better insight.

At present we only have 4 entries for the open 47. The village hall has been booked and things are well underway with only 3 weeks to go. Nick said that if we do have to cancel this then he is prepared to put on a TT at the NG to replace it.

10 Sportive

      Paul has been talking to Kevin Ball and has agreed a date of 17th October.

11 A.O.B.

      Nick and Colin have been talking to Tony Asplin’s niece and confirmed that the        
     Crematorium could take up to 60.  Colin said that Tony’s niece is happy for as many Rovers 
     To attend as possible as she would rather have a full audience than not.  The funeral will 
     Be on 9th June at 2pm. (There was a fair turnout of members at the service followed 
     By refreshments at the Berechurch Arms)

     There is a just giving page for anyone that would like to make a donation to Tony’s 
     Charity which is McMillin Nurses.  The committee agreed for the club to make a 
     Donation on behalf of the membership (Maggie has made the club donations of £100.00) . 

Club Mark accreditation, Nick said that Simon Carson was helping with this and that he had tried to contact Dave Ryan to find out what we have to do to transfer to the new scheme. Nick does have this in hand.,

Greg raised his concerns about footballs coming onto the circuit at NG and that we need to speak with Kevin Ball concerning this

Jo Smith asked if it was possible for her to attend a leader’s course. The committee agreed for. Jo to book a place on a course and forward invoice to Maggie for payment.

Maggie said that she had sent an email to all the membership with regard to the date of the AGM and would shortly be putting this on Facebook as well.

Len Crosier has confirmed that he will be stepping down from leading the Sunday Posse.

It was agreed that the next meeting would be on Monday 5th July.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm

Margaret Hargreaves
Colchester Rovers CC