Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday 10th September
Held at Stanway Village Hall

  1. Committee Members Present:

Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Greg Andrews, Sandra Meadows, Paul Meadows. David Triggs John Loxley Colin White, Peter Hall, and Nicky Swainston

  1. Apologies for Absence:

Phil Read, Justin Smith, Joanna Smith, Tom Starmer and Matthew Heigh.

  1. Approval of previous Minutes Proposed: Colin White Seconded: Sandra Meadows
  2. Matters Arising from previous Minutes


  1. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the monthly accounts to the committee. The club account at the moment stands at £19,987.55..

Nick asked the committee for thoughts on what we could spend the monies on.

     As a club we need more First Aiders and Coaches for both Youth and Adults.  Nick 
     Informed the committee that there could possibly be Coaching courses run in  
     October for both Level 1 and 2.  These courses would possibly be run at Northern
     Gateway.  Nick made it very clear that those who volunteer should be prepared to 
      Use these skills for the benefit of the Club.

      Peter said there is a Bursars facility available from BC for coaches etc and that 
      The club might well be eligible.

      Nicky mentioned that local council also possibly have a  pot of money for cycling 
      Clubs.  This is something else that the club may well look into.
  1. Membership

Maggie read out the list of new members. Richard Block, David Knight, Wayne Savell, Karen Saunders, Paul Waddell, Kieran Joseph, Thomas Casey, John Cottis, Darren Clarke, Master Oscar Karta-Smith, Alexandra Ciofu, Peter West, Benson Ho, Martin Croxall and Richard Gardner.. At the present moment the club membership stands at 360 members.

Nick asked if Maggie could give permissions to Paul Meadows so that he could access the member details.. Maggie would sort this. David asked what goes to the member once they have been accepted into the club. Nick said that we need to put something together i.e. a welcome pack and possibly see if this could be done via BC. Whilst this is being looked into, in the interim period David said that he is quite happy to email something out if Maggie can let him know as soon as the member is accepted. This to be an Agenda item next meet.

Colin had sent a list of renewals to Maggie together with monies that he had paid into the account.

Colin Had received some renewals together with some donations and these monies would be paid in soon.

  1. Road/Circuit Races

Greg is busy with the Autumn Series and so far has 91 entries for the first event on Saturday 25th September. To date there are 10 Colchester Rovers mainly youth . There is however a lack of ladies entering and to date only 5 entries. Greg asked if Maggie could sort the prize money and that he would email her a list of the awards. Maggie said that she would sort this.

Greg said that we are unable to use the transponders and that in their place we would have 4 people at the finish with iPad’s. Ian Day has been booked for the first and last dates but we do need to get first aid cover for the 2nd and 3rd dates. Nick has a first aid contact and will look into this . They are a little more expensive but we do have £1200 in sponsorship: all 3 sponsors have pledged £400.00.

Greg also asked for volunteers. He has done a spreadsheet and will send this out shortly. Greg said that he also needs to get numbers and sort the collection of the podium. Peter said that he will collect the podium.

It was agreed that as Greg has done organising of the races then he should do the presentations.

  1. Time Trials

The season has now finished. John said it was a shame that we had lost so many events to road works this year. John to look into using the evening events to count towards the Championship and will feedback at next meeting

The Hill climb was due to take place on 10th October but we have too many clashes with other events and Nick is proposing to change the date to the 31st October. Nick proposed meeting at the Shepherd and Dog: he will look into this and feed back at next meeting.

John asked if we could possibly try TTs at the Northern Gateway after the Thursday nights finish. Nick said they are booked until 7th October but will look at running a TT after this date and possible will look at running for 4 weeks. This will make up for the cancelled races.

David asked what will be looking at for next years TT. John is going to put something together and will put this out to the membership. Possible looking at 2 courses for each event then if one should be unusable we can refer to the 2nd course.

Nick suggested a 2 up possibly. This is also something we will look into.

  1. Sportive

Paul informed the committee that it would be 50k and 100k on 17th October and would start from the Northern Gateway. There would be no kitchen, as we do not have a facility at Northern Gateway. Nicky raised the point of using the Rugby Club as they have a kitchen. Nicky will contact the Rugby Club and will feed back at next meeting.

Paul asked how we are going to use the money this year. Will we choose a charity? Committee to come up with suggestions.

There could possibly be a café stop at Clacton Paul looking into this. Paul asked about signage. Do we put signs out or do most people use their phones etc. Paul said he would sign post the short ride and the committee agreed that was all that was needed. Maps will be available at the start.

Greg said that possibly another alternative would be to start from the stadium. Nick said that,as we want our presence at Northern Gateway and would prefer to stay with that.

  1. Solicitor for Tony Asplin

Maggie informed the committee that she had received an email from the Solicitor who is dealing with the late Tony Asplin’s estate. The basis of the email was to inform the club that they were beneficiaries in Tony’s will. Together with the email a lot of forms that had to be completed and returned to the solicitor. Maggie has completed the forms and we now await hearing back from the Solicitor. Maggie will update the committee as and when we have some more information.

  1. A.O.B.

Peter informed the committee that the club Cyclo X would be 14th November at Hillyfields. We need 2 more events for the Championship. Peter is going to look into this and will put the qualifying events on Facebook and Website as soon as possible.

Greg said that he would like to put on a Masters race next year at Northern Gateway possibly call it the Old Grey March Hare.

Nick said that next year we have a problem in that there is a lack of Commissairs in the region and that we might have to combine races. Malcolm said that he and Maggie had attended the Eastern Regional meeting (a team meeting) on 16th September and it was spoken about the shortage of Commissairs and that the season is not likely start before April. We should have more information coming out shortly.

Colin said that John Highland had been in touch about the Runners v Riders Boxing Day event and that he had put him in touch with Mike Pears who ran the event prior to Covid.

Nicky informed the committee that she was going to organise the Club presentation evening together with 2 of the youth mums.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm

The next meeting will be Friday 8th October 2021.

Margaret Hargreaves
Colchester Rovers CC