Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday, 8th October, 2021

  1. Committee Members Present:

Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Justin Smith,Tom Starmer, Sandra Meadows, Paul Meadows. David Triggs Colin White, Peter Hall, Phil Read, Matthew Heigh and Nicky Swainston,

  1. Apologies for Absence:

Joanna Smith

  1. Approval of Previous Minutes

Proposed by Colin White
Seconded by Sandra Meadows

  1. Matters Arising from previous Minutes


  1. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the Treasurers report. At present the club monies stand as £19,820.65 but we do have a number of payments outstanding. That said the club is still in a very healthy position.

       Nick said that the we were just about breaking even on the Thursday nights at Northern
       Gateway.  Nick has now purchased a second Sum Up machine reader and has also set up 
       “The shop” for the Sportive.  Nick said that he had also been in contact with some people
       With regard to a custom built gazebo.  Nick asked the Committee if we should perhaps 
       Purchase 2.  The committee agreed to the purchase at a cost of approximately £1500 
       (2 x 3x3).  Nick also asked if we could purchase 2 large folding tables, the committee     
      Agreed this also
  1. Membership

Maggie read out the list of new members. Mr Stuart Weatherley (2nd claim), Mr Martin Morley, Mrs Denise Morley, Mr James Morley, Miss Alice Morley, Mr Stephen Gillett,
Mrs Janette Gillett, Mr Morgan Gillett (renewal), Mr Roger Brittain and Mr Ken Gardner.

Maggie raised the point of 2022 membership cards. Justin is working on a QR code for the membership but it was agreed in the meantime that we would order the cards as normal for next year and that Nick will speak to James to sort this.

  1. Sportive

Paul has purchased cups and paper plates so that we can do have takeaway refreshments as we were not able to use the Rugby Club. Paul will need help on the day together with cakes etc. Paul has sent out a request. Those taking part can now also register online.

On the day riders will be given a card with Paul’s contact details on. Nicky has very kindly offered to do the kitchen. Paul will need Cycle Event signs from the container. Colin/Nick will arrange this.

Nick took this opportunity to thank Paul for organising a ride for the club during the Ladies Tour of Britain.

Paul also gave an update on Jim Reed. Jim has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone decease and has asked if any club members could email him as it is now very hard for him to communicate and would love to hear from those that know him

  1. Cyclo X

Peter said that he has the school organised and has approval, just has to complete some
More paperwork. Peter has organised a Coffee Vendor. Peter has ridden the course and it just needs a little bit of work. Peter will need help with putting tape out etc on 14th and clearing up afterwards. Peter is using the same course as Amis Velo. David Hales has very kindly offered the use of their stakes and tape etc.

Nick asked how many marshals would be needed and Peter confirmed that he would need 6. Peter will put out a post for helpers after the Sportive.

  1. Road/Circuit

Greg gave an update on the Circuit Series. There is about the same number of riders but We will need to make a decision about the future races. First Aid for the following 2 races will be £400. If the races do not go ahead then we could perhaps run them as a Spring Masters. At the moment the numbers for the further races are not looking good.

We are still waiting to hear from the Region as to when the 2022 season will start. It looks as though the season will not start until April.

10 TT

      Nick has asked John to get approval for 31st October for the Hill Climb (we have now 
      Heard that this will take place on 7th November subject to approval).  John to confirm to 
      Nick as soon as approval has been given.

11 Youth update

     Tom gave an update.  Things are going well, good numbers at Northern Gateway.  Racing on
      Saturday mornings at Hilly Fields a lot of interest is being shown.  The cost is £5 for
      2 hrs this is replenishing the youth fund.  They have also been running an adult’s session 
      Afterwards but they are likely to stop shortly.  Zoe and Dan now doing coaching but we 
      Are still waiting to hear from BC re courses.  Tom said there has been a lot of Interest
      Shown by the adults for coaching courses.  Great Cyclo X attendance and Youth kit is

      Have had a lot of podium places in the past weeks.

       Nicky said that she had spoken to Kelly Phillips who had been and watched the Youth.  
       She was very impressed and said that more riders should come and watch and 
       Take a leaf out of the Youths book.
  1. AGM The committee agreed that the 2021 AGM would take place on Friday 10th December at The Northern Gateway. This will replace the clubs monthly meeting that was scheduled for Friday 17th December. There will be a ride on the circuit as per the monthly meeting and followed by the AGM. It is not envisaged that it will be a lengthy meeting as we will be voting on block for Existing posts as these were voted on in the August AGM.</code></pre></li>Presentation Night Nicky needs a date possibly February or March. (Nicky will contact the Rugby Club for Possible available dates) The night will be something different next year watch this Space. A.O.B. Nick said that he had been approached by Kelly Phillips and that she would like to take The post of Social Secretary. The committee agreed to co-opt Kelly on to the Committee and we shall vote on this at the AGM.(Nick Rowley has also approached Nick And he would like to stand for the post of Social Media Secretary) Malcolm asked about grass track racing and should we be pursing this. Malcolm felt that Grass track was now out dated. A lot of discussion took place. Nick said that grass Track is totally different to Cyclo X and that what we need is more coaches so that we Can run grass track.</code></pre></li>

Nick did look at it this year but it really was not feasible. If we are to run this on Monday nights, we do need the coaches and without them we are unable to run the Monday nights. Nicky said that a lot of our Youth started on the grass track and have gone on to greater things. Grass track does give an alternative and a show of hands around the room confirmed that this is something that definitely should continue subject to as and when we can. David Triggs asked about Peter Phillips and his MB Secretary role. Nick will speak to Peter and find out whether he is still happy to continue in this role. The meeting closed at 9.35pm Date of next meeting Friday 12th November, 2021 Margaret Hargreaves
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