CRCC 2022 Time Trial Season

A time-trial is bike racing at its simplest – just you, the bike and the clock. But don’t confuse simple with easy.

There are no wheels to follow, no pack to hide in, and it hurts from the moment the starter shouts “Go!” to the moment you cross the line.

The TT offers a different kind of satisfaction to bunch racing or a cafe ride with your mates. Nobody sits on your wheel and then jumps out to beat you in the last 100m. Barring a mechanical or a sudden change in the wind, the best rider wins, but more than that it’s a pure test of your ability to ride a bike fast.

Finish your first time-trial and, when you’ve wiped the sweat from your eyes, most riders will have the same thought: “I want to go faster!”

Time trials remain popular because they are a very accessible form of racing – you don’t need any particular equipment or skills, just a bike and the ability to ride it.

There are two golden rules in time trialing: keep your head up and watch where you are going. You must ride the course ‘alone and unaided. This means that you mustn’t shelter behind or alongside other riders or vehicles (even that tempting tractor!). If another rider catches you, you must not ‘sit on their wheel’ or take turns at the front with them. If you catch another rider, assuming that it is safe to do so, you must go straight past them.

Colchester Rovers runs a number of TT competitions throughout the season:

The Club TT Championship – Best 6 scores from the 10 rounds count

Midweek Evening Points Competition – Best 8 scores from the 13 events count

Mid Summer Sunday Series – Best 4 scores from the 5 events count

We propose to score the series results for the championships based on the event categories as stated above. i.e. Rounds will not count for both club champs and evening TT series unless stated in the calendar.

All TT events must be entered in advance via the club website. Entry must be submitted on the following timeline:

For all Sunday Races entry close at midnight on Friday before the event

For all Wednesday Races entries close at midnight on Monday before the event

Late entries are only accepted at the organiser’s discretion.

Fee per Ride for Rovers members will be £5.00 per event. All Guests – £6.50

Payable at event sign-on preferably by Contactless payment.

(Please Note that £4 of the entry fee is payable to the CTT who provide our insurance)

Entries for each event must be made using the form on the club website,

Click on the button below to make an event entry.

All competitors must now wear a protective helmet and have an operating and clearly visible white front light and red backlight. Full details of the CTT regulations can be found here:

Sign On will generally open 45mins to 1 hour before the stated TT start time.

Typically Closing 15 minutes before the first rider starts.

Riders will be contacted by email before the event to confirm HQ location and sign on opening time.