Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday, 10th June, 2022
Stanway Village Hall

1. Committee Members Present:

Greg Andrews, Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Justin Smith, Colin White, Nick Rowley, Peter Hall, Tom Starmer, Sandra Meadows, Paul Meadows,

2. Apologies for Absence:

Matt Heigh, Nicky Swainston, Kelly Phillips, Jo Smith, David Triggs

3. Approval of Previous Minutes

Proposed by Colin White
Seconded by Greg Andrews

4. Matters Arising from previous Minutes


5. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the Treasurers report. At present the club monies stand at a very healthy £46,604.08. Funds received this month of £390.42 which was made up of membership subs online. Sum Up payments together with £2301.00 from Centurion races and £239.81 from the Reliability Ride. Monies withdrawn £1912.69 made up of payments to NGW, Greg Andrews for the Centurion races, Stanway village Hall and the Velodrome meeting.

Greg said that from the Centurion races it was looking like a profit of £587.00. Nick (Chairman) said that he would need to purchase new sim cards for the sum up payments. This he could do for about £40 or we could have a monthly subscription for £10.00 per month which was looking like the better option. Nick (Chairman) said that they are also looking at purchasing a radio mike for the races (about £100). Nick (Chairman) said that he had spoken to Stuart Anderson about his planned cycling holiday in Scotland. Stuart has opened this up to the membership but has not had a great response. Stuart asked Nick if the club would be willing to help with the cost of the hire of a van for the trip. Nick said that this should not be a problem and would take it to the Committee. The Committee agreed to support this funding.

6. Youth Committee (Tom)

Tom said that he had taken a group of girls from his School (St Helena) to the start of the Ladies Tour of Britain. Tom said that he stopped at the Team Basso bus and was talking to the team manager. He asked if any of the girls did any cycling and said that they should sign up to Colchester Rovers, they are a great club and have lots happening with the Youth. This was great to hear and a credit to the Youth team.

Tom went on to talk about finances of the Youth and that NGW costs £200.00 per week; they struggle to break even. We charge £5.00 per child and therefore we have to get at least 40 children attending to break even. Tom said that they are looking for new coaches and to get a coach trained we are talking £400.00 for Level 1 and Level 2. They also subsidize the kit by 25%. They do have a buying and selling page. The Youth really do need the support of the club and Tom said that this had been discussed at the Youth meeting on Monday and hoped the membership would not have a problem with helping the Youth.

Tom said that he had been discussing how we could engage the membership more to see what the Youth do on Saturday mornings. He was suggesting cancelling one of the Youth Saturday morning at the NGW and inviting the Saturday riders to come and join in with the Youth at NGW and use the coaches to show what happens on a Saturday.

Malcolm said that we have to remember that the juniors are our future and we should support this initiative. Nick (chairman) said that we need to look at the membership fees and club income as a whole.

Justin said that he is happy to try the Saturday initiative.

Tom said that the Youth Committee would be changing Treasurer soon and that Jonathan Whall had come forward to take over from Robert Wood. Robert is happy to help and guide Jonathan through the handover.

Simon Wilson is going to run the CX Series at Hilly Fields in August. St Helena School has been booked for the HQ. Mark Longstaff and Jake Crossley had come forward to train as coaches.

Nick (chairman) said that on behalf of the club he would like to thank Tom and the Youth team for all that they do.

Malcolm asked if there is any way we can approach NGW about reduced fees for Saturday mornings. Nick said that this is proving difficult as NGW are not very approachable. Malcolm stressed the need to get a Councillor “onside” on this cost issue (Schools receive a 40% discount on use of NGW)

Nick asked Tom if he would ask Jonathan to look at the Youth accounts and see where they are.

7. Membership

Colin read out the names of the new members. Hannah Lewis, Kim Grant, Paul Millard,
David Hogarth, Nigel Butcher, Stephen Horn, Paul Lake and Phil Britten.

8. Road/Circuit Racing

Greg said that he has issued the marshalling schedule for volunteers for the Centurion Series. Youth entries are starting to come in. Greg said that he was looking to bring in a transponder company but this is proving very expensive. Greg did look at purchasing our own for the club but once again this is expensive and we are talking thousands of pounds.
NGW has a system which has not yet been made available.

Malcolm asked if Greg had thought any more about the Tony Asplin Memorial Race going to a 3 – 4 Category race. Greg said that it had already been agreed and it was going to be a 4th Category only race.

9. TT

Peter said that the 47 is all going ok with about 20 entries. Village Hall is booked. Time keepers etc. Nick (Chairman) said that Matt Heigh had agreed to run the 50 and is also looking at a new course for this. Will try and get it agreed with CTT. Nick (Chairman) said that unfortunately they were unable to run the Langham Sunday TT. This was due to flooding and also the 25 was cancelled due to road works.

Nick said that he was looking to run a social for the TT. Something similar to the Saturday Ride social and agreed that the club would pay for refreshments.

10 Succession Management/Member Engagement

Nick (chairman) said that we are engaging more with the membership and still need to look
at succession management. Maggie informed the Committee that she would be standing
down as Secretary at the AGM but was happy if someone comes forward to show them
what it is she does so that they are up and running in time for the AGM. Nick said that
he would only do 5 years as Chairman and therefore would be standing down at the 2023
AGM. Peter said that we need to advertise these vacancies and Nick (Chairman) also
reminded the committee that we also need a TT Secretary.

11 A.O.B.

Paul said that we need to book the sportive possibly looking at October 9th. It was agreed
that any funds raised would go to the Youth.

Maggie said that she had received an email from Jo Smith asking if we could move the
Committee meetings to a Monday evening. The Committee agreed to this and Maggie to
check with Stanway Village Hall for availability to hold the meetings on a Monday.

Maggie said that she had received an email from Adam at The Bike Network looking for
some help from cycling clubs and was hoping we would be able to run a kit and parts
donations drive with our members. Nick (Rowley) agreed to take this on.

Nick (Chairman) wished to thank Jo for organising the Jubilee ride and Social.

The meeting closed at 9.17pm

Date of next meeting Monday 11th July.

Margaret Hargreaves