My First TT Season by Jamie Watson

This was my first full year of TT after trying some open events last season, I joined Colchester Rovers after riding some of their events last year and I was made to feel very welcome by the club and all the members.

At first I was nervous and didn’t want to make a fool of myself but TT’ing is not about being first home or winning a sprint but racing yourself.

Colchester Rovers have various courses and we ride on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning. The more you ride the more you understand pacing and the course, some riders are kitted out as if they are pro riders and some ride road bikes or single speed bikes. There is some competition between riders as the road bikes should be slower than the TT bikes, but sometimes it’s the rider that makes the difference. Age is also just a number as the oldest rider this year is 83 and the youngest supervised rider is 12. The 12 year old is quicker than many of the adults.

If you would like to try TT’s then it doesn’t matter what bike you have as long as you can pedal 10 miles. If you’re hooked then over time you can upgrade your bike, before you know it you’ll be wearing a skinsuit and worrying about how to save time.

My personnel experience this year (without covid ) was excellent and next year I hope to improve my times. I have gone from wearing a bib and jersey to a skinsuit and areo helmet and looking at my results and seeing how to improve.

I just wish I was 20 again and not 53 😂

Jamie Watson.