Northern Gateway Circuit TT – 21/04/23

The result of the first 10-lap Circuit TT of the 2023 season is detailed below. Thank you to all those who helped to make this event possible. Manually Timing Circuit TTs for 25 riders is certainly challenging for the volunteers and we hope to be able to use the Timing System at the Gateway circuit in future events. Nevertheless, I think this was a great social TT event to start the season.

Conditions were Dry, and Cold with Low Wind (especially for the Northern Gateway venue)

Some Impressive times for an early season event. I believe that Maria Johnson broke the 20mph / 30 min target for the first time last night.

To all those new to TTs most of the times set here were without special equipment or a TT riding position. The fastest Road Bike was Dan Hall in 5th at 24:42. There is plenty of opportunity for all to have a go whatever level of rider. The oldest rider in the field was over 80 years old.

The next event is Friday 28th April – 8:00 pm – Again at the Northern Gateway

First Wednesday Evening road TT is at Layer on the 3rd May 2023

RankRace No.Rider NameResult
140Jamie Watson22:4826.26 mph
239Mark Lloyd 23:5425.06 mph
35Jeff Wharton24:0724.84 mph
438Matt Haigh24:3424.38 mph
537Dan Hall24:4224.24 mph
636Simon Angier25:0023.95 mph
734Brendan Roberts 25:2823.51 mph
827Paul Hesketh26:0123.01 mph
925Isaac Starmer 26:0223.01 mph
1032Martin Steinwand26:0223.00 mph
1131David Scrimshaw26:2922.61 mph
1235Peter Hall27:0622.10 mph
1326Chris O’Meara27:2721.81 mph
148Jonathan Whall27:3621.70 mph
159Mac Mckenzie27:5121.50 mph
1621Peter West28:0121.37 mph
1729John Sanderson29:0820.55 mph
1822Alexandra Hennesy29:2220.39 mph
196Maria Johnson 29:2920.30 mph
2030Chris Hughes29:3720.22 mph
217Katie Whall30:0719.88 mph
2210Claire Higgins 30:4219.50 mph
233David Chia31:2219.09 mph
244Kelly Phillips31:5518.76 mph
251Colin White40:1614.87 mph