Colchester Rovers Cycling Club

Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 7th May, 2024

At Stanway Village Hall

  1. Committee Members Present:

Justin Smith, Helen Arnold, Margaret Hargreaves, Malcolm Hargreaves, Nick Rowley, Elaine Rowey, Colin White, Paul Meadows, Matt Haigh, Jonathon Whall, Nick Swainston, Dan Hall & Peter Hall

  1. Apologies for Absence: Kelly Phillips, Colin Foster, Simon Wilson, Greg Andrews, Nicky Swainston, Tom Starmer, Jacky Mortlock.
  2. Approval of Previous Minutes

Proposed by Colin White

Seconded by Paul Meadow

  1. Treasurers Report: Paid In £1045.51, Withdrawn £272.90, Current A/C £11,670.38

Savings Account (Interest 4.17% net) The bank is reducing the interest rate on this account to 3.69% from 15th July 2024 – Mar £74.05 Apr £94.96 £25,281.12. Total Funds £36,951.50

Youth – Interest Mar £7.20 Apr £7.49 £14.69 £5722.75

Money Paid in £1045.51, Membership, Sum Up payments & Eventbrite, Thursday night youth, Bike box hire and Open TT. Money withdrawn is £272.90, DD, Donation to St Helena (Dr Chris Hall), float reliability ride. Website: Income: Most of our income this month came from Membership, Sum up payments and Eventbrite. Expenditure: Most of our expenditure this month a donation to St Helena Hospice for (Chris Hall), float for reliability ride. Matt’s open event details attached. £1164 income from Reliabilty ride, less expenses ( a few yet to be submitted by NS) and payment fees estimated profit to be £755.00 – a donation to be made to St Helena Hospice. NS reported on JW event £3133.51 income inc £375 sponsorship, expenses £3120.20 = £13.31 profit (New Urn and CTT numbers to be covered) MH pointed out we really need two sponsors for JW. NS advised for a national event usually costs run in at around £5000 so this event was cheap. Donation to be made to school for JW usage.

  1. Matters arising from previous meeting:

MH has now sorted the club bank accounts. Nick Swainston agreed to act as 2nd signature.

HA,JS,NS a copy of – Accidents and Emergency form provided – HA to add to club google drive, form to be completed following an incident and copy to be kept for club records and submitted to BC.

JS waiting on NS for club records to post on website – NS next job after TT results, ongoing.

KP sent out survey results to all committee members – Suggestion of sending report of survey report to all club members with a working party to achieve this – WP1 required.

KP liaising with Terry Byrne about his Tour of Divide attempt – currently ongoing.

KP TT celebration night has been postponed – results compilation ongoing. – discussion to not have event for last year’s awards. NS/NR – Searching for volunteer to keep on top of this year’s results.

NS/JS – historic records to website – still ongoing with NS

NS – contact Carl Day re JW sponsorship – What happened? – NFA

GA/NS – New podium approved – ongoing NS to check in with Greg.

NS/JS/HA – bike box hire details updated on website. Details to be emailed to all members – NS.

MH – Paying in book for CW – requested awaiting delivery.

SW – Configure ‘sum-up’ machines for new bank details – JW to check.

CW – To provide list of members he knew who required membership card – completed.

CW – Did Colin provide answer to parking for JW at Shrub End field for grass track 30/6/24 CW has attended and all in hand.

RR – Document not fully discussed but suggested working parties for main points raised by survey/development meeting (Communication/Website/Group Rides/Clickiness) – covered by working parties. (WP1 – Survey. WP2 – Communication/clickiness. WP3 – Website refresh.)

NS/JM – Welfare email address set up – HA has details and will liaise with JM to implement.

NS – to contact Greg to discuss the Centurion Race 26/5/24 – cancelled. Support to run further races may be needed as GA has personal commitments with his wife’s health that take priority.

JS – To offer date at NGW for website updating. – Dates to be reoffered. WP3

NS – ‘SPOND’ – Committee awaiting link from NS for App – to be discussed next month.

NS – Club Kit alternative companies being explored – more details to follow, may take 2/3 months.

  1. Road/Circuit Races – planned early season race day cancelled. Attention on the Tony Aspin memorial and late season race. If anyone else would like to take the lead on organising one of the circuit races that would be much appreciated. Greg happy to mentor someone and provide backup wherever he can.
  2. TT – Having 2nd courses organised has been a blessing due to road works thus avoiding event cancelations. This week 8/5/24 sees launch of the first two up events. Open event report attached. 25 mile TT planned for late June (PH). Volunteers are stepping up and all looking good.
  3. Membership – 13 New members – Adam Gould, Angus Gillies, Chris Denny, Clare Boston, David Baxter, David Mather, Domininique De Cruz, Douglas Allen, Hugh Ward, John Kelly, Kevin Robinson, Mark Alsop and Nathan Meakins.
  4. Youth – Track session that have started have been attended well by Rovers, Hadleigh and Lee Valley juniors. Simon’s full report attached. Grass track sessions starting on Monday night. Possibility of off road (Muddy Monsters) session being offered in May half term.
  5. Ride leaders – Ray Robins has stood down due to own health and other commitments. Club has only nine active leaders (Two of those concentrate on Sundays only, one further of the nine is away through work frequently). This is not enough particularly following recent losses. Position to be highlighted in a Facebook and email post to members in search of further willing members to be trained. Question asked about the funding club provides to train leaders but ‘Club rides’ generate no income to pay back that training. The training is required to provide insurance for leaders to lead.
  6. A.O.B

HA – Unable to attend next meeting – JW offered to cover minutes.

NS/JS – to look at potential offering of club support for Dunwich Dynamo.

CW – attend funeral of Mr Waldridge on behalf of club.

DH – Will look to see if there is a possibility of adult training sessions at NGW, will speak to Simon/Tom. Also; coaches attending Saturday ride. Possibility of arranging a quarterly offering?

Date of next meeting is Monday 3rd June 2024.

The meeting closed at 8:50pm

Helen Arnold

Club Secretary

Colchester Rovers CC