Talent in Tonbridge

No Eastern League race? Try a race in the London and South East league. You will enjoy it (if not at the beginning then at least at the end!)

This weekend had no Eastern League races. A weekend without CX? No, thank you! So instead we tried the London and South East league with a race in Tonbridge. It was awesome!  It was much easier – you put the effort in and control the bike and the rest is done for you! The only problem is – that was only in the under 8, 10 and 12s race!

The full course was very challenging! There was a very fast downhill and then a tight right hand turn up a long and very steep hill. It took some practice for the seniors and vets to get it right and not end up in the tape! It was awful to watch!

However, the children’s course was nice. It was really just lots of turns and you also had to cross a little road.  The races started on a flatter bit of road. It was a good course.

The race saw representation from Rovers members Peter, Dan, Mike, Simon, Jacob and me.

I suggest you give it a go. You may even enjoy it! 

Elizabeth, under 10 girl.