Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday 22nd August, 2023
At Stanway Village Hall

  1. Committee Members Present:

Stuart Anderson, Nick Swainston, Malcolm Hargreaves, Margaret Hargreaves, Justin Smith, Jacqui Mortlock, Greg Andrews, Peter Hall, Ray Robins

  1. Apologies for Absence:

Elaine Rowley, Nick Rowley, Nicky Swainston, Helen Arnold, Matt Haigh, Paul Meadows, Kelly Phillips

  1. Approval of Previous Minutes Proposed by Nick Swainston
    Seconded by Jackie Mortlock
  2. Matters Arising from previous Minutes None
  3. Treasurers Report

Maggie presented the Club accounts. The balance is sitting at £42,510.31. Total monies paid in this month was £2429.82 and withdrawn £1518.58. The monies paid in were club membership fees and Eventbrite monies and Centurion Races, Cyclo X. Expenditure this month was mainly Colchester Borough Council (NGW), Levies Centurion Races.

  1. New Members

Since the last meeting we have had 8 New Members: John Lloyd, Gary Judge, John Cottee, Chris Fountain, Terry Byrne, Thomas Gethen, Lanre Abidekun and Claire Bedford. All New members were accepted by the Committee. We had 5 members renew their membership.

  1. Road/Circuit racing

Greg said that he has 81 entrants so far for the Centurion races. The weather is forcast to be good. It will be Centurion races in the morning and Tony Asplin will be the afternoon races. Has most of the volunteers now.

  1. TT

Maggie read out the messages she had received from Nick Rowley and Matt Haigh. The TT season has now finished and Nick is in the process of putting things together for the 2024 season. Peter said that he had to cancel the 25 due to road works. Nick (Chairman) said that they are looking to put on a TT in September and incorporate presentation of Trophies something similar to last years end of season social. Nick is looking at the Holiday Inn as a possible venue and will come back to us with dates.

  1. AGM 2023

The Committee agreed a date for the 2023 AGM: this will be on Friday 17th November. This is our club night and Tea/Coffee etc will be provided. Maggie to inform the membership by 5th October of the date.

The Committee discussed some changes/additions to the rules. This to be further discussed at the next meeting. As Nick (Chairman) and Maggie (Secretary) will be standing down at the AGM. Nick will issue their job description in the coming weeks to the membership.

  1. A.O.B.

Ray talked about the Dragon Race 2024. Maggie had tried to book 17 riders but the site is not open to do so. Ray/Maggie will look at this and keep chasing the organiser for when we can book. Maggie will book for all riders and the riders can then reimburse the club and can pay either by Sum Up or direct transfer to the club account.

Stuart (who runs the Sunday Posse rides) informed the Committee that he will be standing down at the AGM. Colin Foster has agreed to take over from Stuart. Nick (Chairman) thanked Stuart on behalf of the Committee and the club for all his hard work.

It was agreed by the Committee that Justin could go ahead with the new Facebook page and to take down the old one as this was confusing for members.

Ray spoke about Claire who had been a Thursday night ride and had not been made to feel welcome. The Committee spoke in depth about this and agreed that we need to look at a way forward; maybe have an introductory evening for all those that our new to the club and Thursday night rides. As a Committee we send our sincere apologies to Claire that she was not made to feel welcome.

Ray said that he is looking at a date for next year to have another guest speaker (Alex Dowsett) Ray has spoken to Alex and he is happy to come.

Jonathan is going to speak to Pete Whelan about a grass track event for next year.

The Committee discussed the club nights and the poor attendance. It was agreed for this year the last club night for a track ride would be September. From October onwards we will only be holding an evening of tea/coffee in the meeting room from 8pm to 9pm. We will look at ways for next year how we can increase member participation on the Social Evening (do we move the day?)

Greg said that he will not be organising any of the Youth races next season and is looking at the Youth to taking this on. Greg is more than happy to mentor someone to take this on. Greg said that next year he will only be running 2 events and would like if possibly to run the Tony Asplin race on the road. (this of course will depend on Eastern Region and Commissaire availability).

Peter said that all was going well for the Cyclo X on 24th September. Peter asked if we are going to have a championship this year. The Committee agreed to think about this.

The meeting closed at 21.08pm

Margaret Hargreaves
Club Secretary